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Issue 67

La Dame à la

La Dame à la


letter from the creative director


Upon my travels, I came upon ‘La Dame à la Licorne’, a medieval masterpiece housed at the Musée de Cluny in Paris. Six larger-than-life tapestries – all weaved within the fabric of courtly life, featuring a young maiden on her journey to being betrothed. And, from this, a winter collection emerged.

Swirls of cherry and pinot take cue from the tapestries, set against moody tones of indigo and navy, whilst luxurious velveteen adds a touch of French-inspired refinement. Simply said, a range to brighten up your style as well as your senses, through the long, crisp days of winter.


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Lady-like charme

Printed Jersey Midi Dress
Braid Trim Denim Jacket

Our latest line is a celebration of royalty, romance, and enchantment.

Reimagine romance in our latest line. Introducing a mesmerising world where sweet florals swirl in rosy-red hues to ignite your inner romantic. Paired with a denim or leather jacket, our standout printed jersey midi-dress with its regal silhouette is a welcoming start: to keeping you warm and stylish throughout the season.

Printed Jersey Midi DressBraid Trim Denim JacketSierra Suede Boot
Velvet Button Back Top
Velvet Button Back Top

Say enchanté to an
époque of enchantment

Reign in your inner aristocrat with a matching statement set.

Be a picture of polish in our super-soft velvet button back top and midi skirt in a rich pinot colour. For a tone-on-tone look to turn heads simply pair this ensemble with our black slingback.

Velvet Button Back TopVelvet Midi SkirtAbbey Black SlingbackMetal Chandelier Earrings
Diamond Knit Cardigan

So Frenchy,
so good!

Get soirée-ready in your favori cardi.

Whether paired with a crisp white shirt or our button detail toiles top, this sweet, cropped diamond knit cardigan is your pièce de résistance for fun, feminine styling. Parfait for all seasons, a colourful cardigan is a woman’s best-friend, adding interest and versatility. Made from the softest of knits, style it with your favori Bengajean®, beaded clutch and burgundy slingbacks. Bien sûr!

Diamond Knit CardiganLace Trim Cotton ShirtSailor Ponte PantPaisley Beaded Clutch

It’s all in the détails

Crinkle Spot Blouse
Crinkle Spot Blouse

Fall in love with perfect pleats, frills and féminin cuffs.

Crinkles are cute, nest ce pas? We’ve elevated this season’s monochromatic look, simply parfait when paired with your favourite navy pant and some très mignon matching loafers for a look of understated charm.

Crinkle Spot BlouseBoiled Wool PantNavy Suede Loafer

A garden of earthly delights awaits

Ignite your inner romantique with swirls of fairy-tale fleurs.

Meet our beautiful button detail blouse, inspired by the rich rouge hues of an enchanted fairytale garden. Whether at work or on an après-heures jaunt, conjure up magical moments of style by dressing this top up with our Boiled Wool Pant and Abbey Burgundy Slingbacks, or dress it down with our bootcut Bengajean®. All in all, the power is in your hands. Cest beau!

Diamond Knit Cardigan
Button Detail Blouse
Diamond Knit CardiganButton Detail BlouseSailor Ponte PantAbbey Burgundy Slingback

Soigné et Suprême

With a toile print, you can reine supreme.

Our fascination with French toiles prints always bring inspiration to our maison de style, so diving into the art of the ‘Lady and the Unicorn’ tapestry series was no exception! This collection’s pleat front jersey top is a nod to the beloved masterpiece. For those cool winter days, add our best-selling mohair cardigan, et voilà.

Pleat Front Jersey Top
Pleat Front Jersey TopThe Classique 25Abbey Burgundy Slingback

Les Belles Pois

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top
Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top

Elevate lhiver with something spotty

Sometimes a bit of joie de vivre is all we need to perk up our day. Simply sophisticated, our ink and white painted spot top is la solution to such an uplift. Since the 18th century, the black and white polka dot pattern is a much-loved design; due to its wholesome, clean-cut pattern, rendering it timeless. Even today, the polka dotted look still reigns supreme, simple versatile style. Wear our favori top with our Ponte Pant and a mignon pair of loafers for a chic and tailored look!

Long Sleeve Crew Neck TopSailor Ponte PantNavy Suede LoaferCharlie Cord Baker Boy Cap
Merino Wool Balloon Sleeve Jumper

Accent your outfit with an unexpected twist.

Embrace the cooler temperatures of lhiver in our Merino jumper made with a lovely twist: including a subtle popcorn design and delicate textured stripe. This jumper is the perfect layer for ‘effortless chic’ out to dinner, or for those cosy nights by the crackling fireplace. Pair it with your go-to Bengajean® and printed scarf, and it will quickly become a wardrobe essential!

Cosy et chic

Merino Wool Balloon Sleeve Jumper
Merino Wool Balloon Sleeve JumperBengajean® Relaxed BootcutNavy Suede LoaferPaisley Print Scarf

The enigmatic l’histoire of ‘La Dame à la Licorne’

Though the origins remain a mystery, for centuries the ‘Lady and the Unicorn’ tapestries (famously homed in Paris’ Musée de Cluny) have ignited passionate debate about their meaning. As the name suggests, these magnificent, towering, tapestries depict a young 16th-century maiden and her mystical unicorn throughout. We too have been captivated by the beautiful tapestries and their story, so we’re including un petit guide to the history and meaning behind ‘La Dame à la Licorne’.

Let us walk you through their hidden history.


They are famously beautiful.

You need only stand in the room at the Musée de Cluny to feel enraptured in the intricate handwork and stunning storytelling that the six ‘La Dame à la Licorne’ tapestries present. Hanging side-by-side in a circular room, the richly toned tapestries, made from a mix of wool and silk, absorb the sound of their surroundings, creating a transcendent-like atmosphere.

Musée de Cluny rescued them from decay.


Discovered taking residence at the deteriorating Château de Boussac in the middle of the 19th century, the tapestries were bought and restored to glory by the Musée de Cluny in Paris in 1882— for the neat sum of 25,500 francs.


They may not have been ‘made in France’.

As far as the debate goes, historians now agree that they were likely designed by the ‘Master of Anne of Brittany’, a celebrated artist of the era. Yet, it’s been argued that because of the superior quality of the tapestries' construction, they may have been created in the Netherlands, where the standard of weaving was far higher.

They are a celebration of the senses.


Today, there’s a consensus among historians that 5 of the tapestries convey the ‘earthly pleasures and courtly life’ of their time through the five senses. However, the sixth tapestry present the words ‘Mon Seul Désir’, emblazoned across the tent behind our lady. Many have wondered what the words translating to ‘my sole desire’ means? This much we do know…

  • In medieval lore, unicorns were solitary creatures that could only be tamed by a virgin.

  • In religious symbolism, they represented christ.

  • In secular mythology, a man wooing his beloved.

Which has ultimately left their true meaning solely to the imagination of the spectator.

La Dame à la Licorne” tapestries at the Musée de Cluny in Paris.
28 Rue du Sommerard, 75005 Paris, France