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Letter from The Creative Director

Welcome to the next destination on our Spring/Summer Riviera road trip. This beautiful collection pays homage to the famously fragrant town of Grasse— slated as the perfume capital of the world.

A personal favourite, Grasse has such a romantic feel right from its very first impression. And I’m not alone, many others have fallen in love with this special place— including Dior, who owns a rose farm there!

This ultra-romantic collection was photographed on location at Hotel Bastide Saint Antoine and celebrates pink hues with floral prints. Designed to carry you through the warming days of spring with a lightness of heart, we’re beyond excited to share our latest landing!


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Come Away With Me

Romantic like no other, our Grasse collection celebrates the iconic perfume capital of the world. With stunning feminine detail at the forefront, our latest offering is abundant in elegant yet easy pieces like our Embroidered Tunic and Printed French Linen Kaftan. 

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A flower blossoms for its own joy.Oscar Wilde

Spring Dreaming

Celebrate a spring in full bloom with our dreamy pink hues and sophisticated floral placement prints of the season. For effortless charm, try pairing our 100% French Linen Stripe Tunic with our Printed French Linen Culotte. Si beau!

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Modern Romance

Get swept away by the romance of Spring in styles like our Cotton Check Top. Showcasing the whimsical details of a ¾ bishop sleeve and self-fabricated ties, c’est parfait when paired with our signature Bengajean® in white.

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You are reborn with the roses, in every Spring.Juan Ramón Jiménez

Le jardin au printemps

Now is the time to delight in the simple joys of le jardin, the time to slow down and smell the roses. Inspired by the goodness of the garden, these two beautiful blouses take cue from the eye-catching tones of Spring and its most beautiful blooms.

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Breathtaking Beauté

Light, airy and consciously crafted from the earth-friendly flax, our Printed French Linen Dress is a must-have of the season. With its timeless silhouette and elegant statement sleeve, this dress was born to be worn with a lightness of spirit.

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France has been long heralded as the world’s epicentre of fragrance. During the eighteenth century reign of King Louis XV, perfume-making made it’s evolution into the incredibly lucrative and luxurious industry that it is today. But if we want to get really specific, it’s the town of Grasse, France’s floral capital— and our latest collection’s namesake— that is most well known for it’s perfume production.

Fragonard’s story begins in 1926, when businessman Eugene Fuch fell in love with perfume during a visit to the French Riviera. Seeking to bottle the signature scent of Grasse’s flower fields, Eugene wanted to give the company a deeper connection to the town, hence naming it after the Grasse-born painter Jean-Honore Fragonard.

Located in an 18th Century factory in Grasse, Fragonard encouraged visitors to enter the factory to experience the making of perfume, leading to it becoming very popular among tourists. With Fuch’s great-granddaughters now leading the business, Fragonard’s business continues to grow and today stands as an iconic historical building of Grasse known for it’s family heritage and signature scents.

Pretty in Prints

Je T’aime! Be enamoured by our charmante border floral print of the season. A love letter to Grasse, this gorgeous design celebrates all the vibrant blooms of the famously fragrant city.

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La Vie En Fleur

Beautiful. Breathable. Need we say more? This delicate delight is made for warm days spent in places and spaces that uplift the heart. Pair it with our essential Bengajean en blanc for style that is so French, so chic!

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