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Letter from The Creative Director

I am thrilled to share our latest collection, Georges Braque, Blue Illusion’s homage to the co-creator of the Cubism movement.

This collection takes elements often used by the artist to add depth and dimension to daily style, like our Italian-designed multicolour check print. We celebrate layers with a stunning palette of orchid, cloud marle and crisp winter gingham. This collection has been crafted using warming fabrics, including mohair and Merino, in elegant silhouettes with pops of colour for modern yet playful style.

Ujjwalla Raut showcases this beautiful collection at Paris’s iconic Palais Galliera. To celebrate this special photoshoot our dear friend Amy Kupec Larue takes us through the historical venue, a delight for any fashion lover. We hope you love this chic showcase of our new collection, as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Imagine, Innovate

Un hommage to artist-extraordinaire Georges Braque, our latest collection reimagines everyday style. This season we combine timeless elegance with warming fibres, like our matching Boiled Wool Pant and Top. Add a playful note with our Winter Gingham Shirt for superbe style.

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complete the look

“There Is Only One Valuable Thing In Art: The Thing You Cannot Explain.”
— George Braques

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Ode To Beauté

Pushing the boundaries far beyond any of his predecessors, Braque could captivate with his interpretation of everyday objects. This legacy inspires our exclusive Italian-designed Multi Check print, available in an elegant skirt, blouse, and dress. Ujjwalla is pictured pairing the Tiered Check Skirt with our Pointelle Mohair Jumper creating bold yet beautiful winter style.

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complete the look

L’Histoire de Georges Braques

Born on 13 May 1882 in Argenteuil, Val-d’Oise, Georges Braque would go on to co-create the Cubism movement with Picasso, cementing his place in history as an artistic pioneer of the 20th Century.

Exploring the most seemingly mundane of subjects, Braque spent much of his career painting still lifes. In his early works he experimented by exaggerating hues, revealing an extraordinary ability to find the wondrous in almost anything.

Braque played with how far an object’s defining features could warp and held a deep fascination in the elements that characterised his surroundings. Eventually, his focus shifted away from colour, and moved toward geometry and perspective. This progression would illuminate a new phase of painting for the artist.

In 1909 Braque began collaborating with Pablo Picasso. During their long and intimate friendship, this unlikely duo propelled the other to further his experimentation. Braque was as tame as Picasso was frivolous, yet somehow their friendship endured. With time, Braque’s work became more complex, harsh, and angular. The vibrant colour of his earlier paintings was now replaced with greys and beige to highlight form. Though his style continued evolving, the artist would continue to create with a focus on still life paintings.

The compositions Braque crafted with his unique perception often contained a hidden meaning, which even today have never been revealed. Each object served to communicate and mirror the artist’s inner world. A perfect example of this were the skulls that made a recurring appearance in his works at the beginning of the Second World War. Once the war was over, it was clear that Braque’s inner world also shifted, with cheerful objects once again finding their way into his paintings. In Braque’s final ‘Atelier’ series, beautiful birds can be seen throughout his canvases, perfectly portraying this incomparable artist’s love of motion.

Cocktail á la Cubism

  • 1 part Bacardi Light Rum
  • 1 part Green Chartreuse
  • ¾ part Domaine de Canton
  • ¼ part Citadelle Gin
  • ½ part fresh-squeezed Lime juice
  • A dash of Bitters

Shake over ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a lime twist.

Your Personal Tour with Amy

Don’t miss it! A style-lover’s oasis, join Amy Kupec Larue for a magnifique virtual tour through the grand halls of Paris’ Palais Galliera. This impressive building houses iconic outfits of history, from the historic wardrobe of Marie Antoinette, through to the modern delights of YSL, Balenciaga and more. Watch now.

Formidable Fashion

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complete the look

From strength to strength, our latest collection is comprised of wardrobe beautifying pieces for the winter-refresh you need. Our forest green Pleated Midi Skirt features a shimmer waistband which makes for an eye-catching duo when worn with our Textured Feather Yarn Jumper. Finish the look with our Lola Silver Court Heel for style that is so French, so chic!

Chic Et Conscious

Crafted using recycled plastic bottles, our love-forever Bright Check Coat is a standout of the season. Cosy, conscious et chic, pair it with our Dandelion Crossbody bag, signature Bengajean® and Animale Flatform Sneaker et voilà! Available online and in-store now.

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“Art Is A Wound Turned Into Light.” — George Braques

Bonjour L’hiver

I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles! Spend this winter in pure elegance with our must-have outerwear. Our new Quilted Puffer Trench Coat adds féminin structure to the wardrobe essential for a timeless silhouette. Complete the look with stunning accessories like our La Riviere Baker Boy Cap, Merlot Leather Gloves et Jolie Pearl Heel Boot. Super!

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